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J&K Law Featured in Business Insider Discussing the National Backlog of Work Visas

The immigration attorneys of J&K Law, Madhuri Kumar, and Hera Javed, were recently published in Business Insider discussing President Joe Biden’s responsibility to address the immigration backlog for qualified workers that poses a threat to America’s economic recovery. The article discussed the fact that the Biden Administration ended the previous administration’s ban on new work-based visas. This was an important step in bringing foreign workers to fill essential jobs in the U.S., but the perspective of our attorneys is that this is not the end-all-be-all solution. It is necessary to make sure that these workers are actually able to enter the U.S. in order to allow the economy and the country to reap the full benefits.

The president actually has the ability to reform how consulates issues work by waiving the in-person interview requirement. J&K Law believes it is a problem that this has not happened because there is now a backlog of work visas that needs to be addressed. This means that qualified business owners, technology industry professionals, and artists are unable to begin working and stimulating the economy.

How Do Migrants Promote Economic Development?

The impact of migration and the power of their skillsets can have a ripple effect on the economy and society as a whole. In fact, H-1B visa holders contribute $27 billion per year to Social Security and Medicare even though they are unable to participate in these programs. If these workers do not have the ability to enter the country, or they are unable to attend interviews to the pandemic, we will not have the same access to these programs that we would otherwise.

Furthermore, the current standards that expect DACA recipients to wait six to nine months for employment authorization are creating an urgent setback. At J&K Law, we house a team of practitioners who helps these individuals obtain employment visas and work authorizations. Our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on the economy and reduce government waste while encouraging our leaders to make necessary reforms to our immigration system.

About the Mission of J&K Law

J&K Law is a firm founded by a shared vision to create a leading-edge, full-service immigration practice. We are committed to excellence in terms of the practice of law and our clients’ needs. We bring over 15 years of experience to the table and work to build long-term relationships based on reciprocity, trust, and a high standard of professional ethics.

In addition to our recent feature in Business Insider, we have been recognized for outstanding achievements, being named the Top attorneys for Startups, Super Lawyers, “40 under 40,” as well as a feature in Forbes. We are proud to continue utilizing our knowledge to spread awareness about important immigration issues and to assist individuals in their journeys to contributing to our nation.

If you would like to check out our feature in Business Insider, you can do so here. J&K Law is also happy to answer any questions you might have about immigration matters, and you can reach us at (212) 390-1024 or contact us online.