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How the DHS is Promoting Entrepreneurship for Immigrants

The International Entrepreneur Parole Program (IEPP) is an initiative created to allow the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to admit foreign entrepreneurs into the U.S. who demonstrate they can provide a significant public benefit during their stay. Our New York immigration team outlines everything you need to know about this program and how it can benefit you below.

Eligibility Requirements

There are a number of criteria that must be met in order to qualify for parole under the IEPP. Applicants must:

  • Have a central and active role in a U.S.-based start-up created within the previous five years
  • Possess at least a 10% ownership stake in the start-up
  • Prove the start-up has received at least $250,000 in investments from a qualified U.S. investor, or government grant of at least $100,000, within the 18 months preceding the IEPP application

Applicants will also need to provide additional evidence of the start-up’s potential to be growth and job creation.

The Benefits of the IEPP

Not only does the IEPP provide an avenue for immigrants to pursue their dreams in the U.S., but it also benefits the economy. The primary goal of the program is to encourage entrepreneurs around the world to create start-ups with high-growth potential in the United States.

With the DHS estimating upwards of 2,900 entrepreneurs to qualify for the IEPP, it will lead to technological innovations, and more importantly, thousands of additional jobs for American workers. One of the biggest benefits for applicants is there spouse and children are also eligible for parole under the IEPP, and can accompany them to the United States.

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